Company Activities

Naperville manager, Aileen Chang (The lady standing first to the right in the photo) was honorably invited to join the Hungarian Delegation funded by Taiwan Economic and Trade Administration. During the visit, Naperville received well- reputation and the visit helped move forward the milestone to better business relationship in Europe. The member of the delegation included Vice-President of Foxconn, President of Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Association, CFO of Westinghouse Electric, and Committee members of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affair.

(Photo: Taiwan Economic and Trade Delegation to Hungary)


- Taiwan Exhibit Shows

Taiwan Exhibit Shows

    COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the largest ICT computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, hosts more than 1,700 exhibitors and vendors from around 150 countries attended. It generally presents in the first week of June each year in Taipei, Taiwan. Sandosson International Inc, is the annual exhibitor to the show, and could also help company gain access to the show.
  • Taitronics Exhibition
    Taitronics is one of the largest electronic parts and components trade show in Asia, presented by at least thousands of manufacturers and companies for the latest inventions, brining the latest technology and products of the year to potential buyers. It is held annually in Taipei, Taiwan.
    japan-hitachi-sales Taitronic_Show


- International Exhibit Shows

International Exhibit Shows

  • Mongolian Autumn Show
    Mongolian Autumn show is one of the largest trade shows after Mongolia enters the free market economic system. It has more than 85 manufacturers and more than 100 booths. It is great opportunities for companies to gain access to local business, and expanding business into Mongolian market, and nearby regions.
    Mongolian Autumn Show
  • Central American Exhibition
    Central American Exhibition is reaching 26 years now. It is one of the largest stationery and office supply trade fair in South America, and is also one of the most known IT show in the world. The attendee includes leading companies in Brazilian stationery industry, and many of the world’s famous enterprises.
    Central American Exhibition